Lifesaving Operation on Baby in Womb Sheds Light on Humanity of Pre-born

We are simply amazed at the story of a baby being born twice. LynLee Boemer was removed from her mother’s womb at 23 weeks gestation so that doctors could perform a life-saving surgery on her. She was then returned to her mother’s womb and carried to term, at which time she emerged from the womb […]

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Scientists discovers embryo heart begins beating earlier than once thought

It seems biological science is forever evolving, not because it changes, but simply because we discover more truths surrounding the wonderful way in which we are made.  Until now, researchers thought that the first time our heart muscle contracted to beat was around 21 days.  There is now proof that our heats begin to beat […]

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The following story was posted by LiveAction, August 24, 2015. These beautiful pictures are changing the abortion debate and showing the world the humanity of the preborn. Mom posts amazing photos of her babies, miscarried at 7 and 8 weeks, on Facebook Mindy Raelynne Danison has suffered through two tragic miscarriages – one with the baby at seven weeks, and […]

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Science is ‘conclusive’ that unborn babies feel horrific pain of abortion

One would think that in the year 2016, it would be common knowledge that pre-born children can actually feel pain but alas, ideologies get in the way of scientific fact. Evidence of fetal pain has been studied almost as long as abortion has been permitted. (see documents below). Now researchers offer more proof that babies feel […]

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A fluorescent flash captures the moment that sperm enzyme enters the egg CREDIT: NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY

Bright flash of light marks beginning of human life

An article written in The Telegraph reveals that at the precise time a sperm enters an ova, a surge of calcium triggers the release of zinc which results in a flash of light. Scientists are saying this marks the moment of conception. While some researchers are using the research to advance IVF transfer, a problematic technology used to […]

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Body parts for profit: is the horror in Canada?

Planned Parenthood is in trouble, and the world is taking notice. The Center for Medical Progress, a group of undercover citizen journalists who use strategies similar to Live Action, has recorded top executives of the largest abortion provider in the US discussing the sale of organs taken from human beings who have been aborted. Two […]

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On pieces of human beings

One of our team members offers commentary on the undercover videos exploring what some Planned Parenthood affiliates do with the bodies of the fetuses aborted in its clinics. (This post was originally written on July 28, 2015.) By now, you’ve probably heard of the Human Capital video series made by the Center for Medical Progress. […]

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Health Canada approves RU-486 “abortion pill”

Canadian pro-life advocates are in shock today as they learn of Health Canada’s decision to approve “the abortion pill,” or RU-486. CBC reports that the drug combination – mifepristone (to block the pregnancy-sustaining hormone progesterone) and misoprostol (to cause uterine contractions, delivering the fetus and placenta) – will be distributed by existing abortion providers instead […]

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The value of newborn life

Earlier this week, Jezebel writer Joanna Rothkopf wrote about a 20-year-old university student in Ohio who was charged with “aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.” Emily Weaver was arrested after reportedly asphyxiating the newborn she had delivered near her sorority house. She faces $1 million bail and a potential life sentence […]

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Smoking and preborn children

Earlier this year, articles from the National Post & Global News showed the effect that smoking has on human beings before birth. Ultrasound images in both stories show the preborn child covering their face while their mother inhales cigarette smoke. We can no longer claim that our actions have no consequences on children in-utero. Ultrasound technology has opened […]

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