Body parts for profit: is the horror in Canada?

Planned Parenthood is in trouble, and the world is taking notice. The Center for Medical Progress, a group of undercover citizen journalists who use strategies similar to Live Action, has recorded top executives of the largest abortion provider in the US discussing the sale of organs taken from human beings who have been aborted.

Two articles by Interim writer-turned-editor Paul Tuns – one from the end of 1999 and another from early 2000 – reveal even more disturbing elements. The first mentions a tape from the Life Dynamics Insitute containing information from “a Canadian, government-funded researcher who ordered baby parts…for his experiments.”  Tuns describes “requests such as ‘Dissect fetal liver and thymus and occasional lymph node from fetal cadaver within 10 (minutes of death)’ and ‘Arms and legs need not be intact’ and ‘Intact brains preferred, but large pieces of brain may be usable.’” Most horrifying is the idea that average Canadian citizens may pay for this, since abortion and some medical research are taxpayer-funded. The second piece discusses American politicians and their past investigations into the trafficking of body parts from aborted children. If this was news nearly two decades ago, why have we forgotten about it since then?

It should be noted that Planned Parenthood affiliates in Canada do not perform abortions. We cannot know for certain whether they, or any other abortion-related facility in the country, has ties to the grisly trade. Yet the silence from Planned Parenthood’s Canadian branch speaks volumes. As Andrea Mrozek of ProWomanProLife has asked, will they condemn this?

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