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New motion to recognize ‘equal dignity of every human being’

Stephen Woodworth, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre will table another Motion to focus on legal recognition of the equal worth and dignity of every human being. Here’s what other sources are saying about the motion: Motion 312 Next Steps Woodworth: Kitchener constituents ‘overwhelmingly’ support motion Tory MP Woodworth will table new motion to recognize […]

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Media Release from MP Stephen Woodworth

Motion 312 – The Second Hour of Debate September 19th, 2012 OTTAWA, Ontario ― MP Stephen Woodworth, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre this week made clear his hopes for Motion 312. Motion 312 proposes a 21st century look at Canada’s current 400 year old definition of human being. In preparation for the 2nd hour […]

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‘I will fight ‘as long as I have breath’

The following story is from LifeSiteNews.com In the few days leading up to the second day of debate on Stephen Woodworth’s historic motion to debate the personhood of the unborn child in Parliament this Friday, the Conservative Member of Parliament says he will continue to fight for the principles underpinning his pro-life motion “as long as […]

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