March for Life updates

The 2015 March for Life theme is:

“Let Life Win!”

This fall, a federal election will be held across Canada to choose its 142nd Parliament. 25, 000 Canadians came to Parliament Hill, declaring that they would “let life win” – both in government affairs and the difficult decisions they face in everyday life.

The 2014 March for Life theme was:


In 2012, an application was submitted to Health Canada for the approval of RU-486, a drug used to end the lives of preborn human beings from 5-9 weeks gestation. Thousands of Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill to proclaim their willingness to stand up for the lives of all people, as well as their opposition to bringing the substance into our country. Health Canada is still reviewing the application – a decision is expected in the fall of 2015.

Visit and Campaign Life’s March for Life page to learn more.

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