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Dr. Discovers Method of Operating on Child Before Birth

The following article was printed in the Interim on July 24, 1983 – Sir William Liley, a career devoted to life Professor Sir William Liley , who gained international recognition  for his pioneering work into pre-natal blood transfusions, died suddenly at his Epsom home June 15 ,1983. he was 54. Sir William, who was knighted in […]

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Father of Modern Genetics Says Human Life Begins at Conception

Dr. Jerome Lejeune is known as “The Father of Modern Genetics”. Originally from Paris France, Dr. Lejeune presented  expert testimony in Canada at the Joe P. Borowski “Trail for Life” on the humanity of the unborn child in 1983. Dr. Lejeune discovered the genetic cause of  Down’s Syndrome. Quotes from Dr. Lejeune: From the moment […]

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When is a child a human being?

Check out Campaign Life Coalition’s new promo video in support of MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312.

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Press Release

Campaign Life Coalition confirms life begins at conception with launch of TORONTO, Mar. 8, 2012 – Campaign Life Coalition today announces the launch of This new website is an educational tool that presents the scientific basis for why every human life should be protected from the time of conception to natural death. This […]

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20 weeks

Welcome to iamahumanbeing! presents the scientific basis for why every human life should be protected from the time of conception to natural death. We wish to create a Canada in which every human being is welcomed in life and protected in law.    

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MP urges Parliamentary debate on status of unborn

In the week before Christmas, a Conservative Kitchener-area MP, created a media storm when he issued a press release saying it was time for Parliament to reconsider the country’s antiquated Criminal Code provisions which do not acknowledge the child in the womb as a human being. Section 223 of the Criminal Code deals with homicide […]

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