Second hour of debate on M-312 postponed!

The second hour of debate for Motion 312 has been postponed until the Fall. Please e-mail or call your MP TODAY and ask them to vote in favour of Motion 312! To find out where your MP stands on life and family issues as well as contact info for your MP, click the link below!

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  1. on June 11, 2012 #

    It woiuld be an honor to have a child such as Stephen Woodworth as my son. He is putting family before politics and by doing so he keeps the debate alive longer, allows some critical discussion and debate to continue in Canada, keeping hope alive. He is in fact acting honorably by recognizing that his presence will be needed in the debate, and if he is not there because he is tending to family he sends a very GOOD message to Canada. The prolife movement will never wonder why he is “reluctant” to put the question to the House – we know he is not reluctant – he is weighing his priorities. 3 cheers for Mr Woodworth. Honor your father and your mother, for this the commandment with promise. The rest of us will patiently wait for him to “put the question to the House”.